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7.62mm NATO United States

7.62mm NATO Ball M59 United States ⊕ LC 55 profile view.7.62mm NATO Ball M59 United States ⊕ LC 55 head view.


TypeBall, M59
ProjectileFMJ, GM, steel core, 1 smooth crimping cannelure
Casebrass, taper crimp
Primerpercussion, flat, brass, ring crimp, re annulus
Headstamp⊕ LC 55
NotesThis round came from a box labeled 20 Cartridges NATO CAL 7.62mm BALL M59 LOT LC PG-31-12. All rounds were exhibiting corrosion, all on the primer like this specimen, with many others having more advanced corrosion at the neck and projectile. The purpose of the hole in the primer is unknown.