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About the Collection

The cartridge collection consists of military rifle, heavy machine gun, and small- to medium-caliber cannon ammunition. The primary focus is on ammunition up to 35mm caliber made during World War 2 or later, although some specimens do fall outside of these general guidelines.

Within this very broad field, there is a special emphasis on 7.62x51mm NATO, .50 BMG, 30x173mm GAU-8, and experimental ammunition.

Featured Ammunition Exhibit


FN BRG-15 cartridge exhibit.

The FN BRG-15 was a heavy machine gun designed by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium as a potential replacement for the .50 caliber Browning M2 heavy machine gun. Several 15mm cartridge variants were tried as the project evolved, with the 15.5x106mm round being the last in the series. The project was ultimately cancelled in the early 1990s.

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Recent Additions

Last Update: 18 March 2021

.50 BMG, New Unprimed Empty O.K. 81 .50 RMG

.50 BMG, India, New Unprimed Empty, Headstamp: O.K. 81 .50 RMG
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.60/.50, Dummy F A 50

.60/.50, United States, Dummy, Headstamp: F A 50
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.50 BMG, Ball IK 07 .50

.50 BMG, Serbia, Ball, Headstamp: IK 07 .50
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30 x 173mm KCA, Dummy 003 BM 81 OE

30 x 173mm KCA, United Kingdom, Dummy, Headstamp: 003 BM 81 OE
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20 x 110mm HS, TP, M99 20MM M21A1 NESCO 1953 (black ink) ELEC ELEC

20 x 110mm HS, United States, TP, M99, Headstamp: 20MM M21A1 NESCO 1953 (black ink) ELEC ELEC
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7.65 x 53mm Mauser, Ball F.M.M.A.P. 19 S.F 47

7.65 x 53mm Mauser, Argentina, Ball, Headstamp: F.M.M.A.P. 19 S.F 47
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.50 BMG, Ball RA 1941 .50 CAL Z

.50 BMG, United Kingdom, Ball, Headstamp: RA 1941 .50 CAL Z
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The St. Louis International Cartridge Show (SLICS)

A shot of the St. Louis International Cartridge Show in 2016.

The 2021 St. Louis International Cartridge Show (SLICS) will take place April 1-3, 2021 at the Marriott Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel. This is largest cartridge show in the world and it is well worth attending. For more information visit the IAA's SLICS page.

European Cartridge Research Association (ECRA) International Meeting

The 2020 ECRA International Meeting will be held September 18-19, 2020 in Aesch, Basel Landschaft, Switzerland. Contact the European Cartridge Research Association for more information.