A military small & medium caliber ammunition collection

30 x 173mm GAU-8/A United States

30 x 173mm GAU-8/A Inert  United States  profile view.30 x 173mm GAU-8/A Inert  United States  head view.


Projectilesteel, aluminum windscreen, blue, 2 nylon driving bands Projectile Markings: (white ink) AJD-4-112-77
Casealuminum, double choke crimp, dark grey anodized Markings: (white ink) INERT 30MM PGU 14/B P/N 7400807-1 AOMC AJD 60-1 DATE 5-77 (black ink) 7400730-1 ACN-3-9-76 (etched) SOAP
Primerpercussion, flat, brass, 4-stake crimp, white annulus
NotesAerojet 1977 experimental cartridge to test alternatives to silicone grease in the primer pocket, which was used as lubrication for primer pressing and as waterproofing. Cartridge was tested via salt spray. Six variations exist: LAC: laqcuqer added after primer seated; NL: no lubricant; SOAP: commercial dermiklene with base of case dipped in hot solution; ZS: zinc stearate applied to primer; VYDAX: teflon spray applied to primer pocket; WAX: base of case dipped in Johnson's no. 14 wax.