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7.62mm NATO United States

7.62mm NATO Tracer (Inert)  United States ⊕ LC 68 profile view.7.62mm NATO Tracer (Inert)  United States ⊕ LC 68 head view.


TypeTracer (Inert)
ProjectileFMJ, GMCS, orange band, 1 knurled crimping 1 knurled cannelures
Casebrass, taper crimp
Primerpercussion, flat, brass, ring crimp, purple annulus
Headstamp⊕ LC 68
NotesThis is an inert tracer with an alternate identification method (knurled band with orange paint) for rough handling tests. This was part of a program to solve the problem of the normal tip color adhering poorly due to the production process, and thus wearing off prematurely. It was deemed too complex and costly and was never adopted.