A military small & medium caliber ammunition collection

30 x 173mm GAU-8/A United States

30 x 173mm GAU-8/A TP PGU-15/B United States  profile view.30 x 173mm GAU-8/A TP PGU-15/B United States  head view.


TypeTP, PGU-15/B
Projectilesteel, aluminum windscreen, blue with orange band, 2 nylon driving bands
Casealuminum, choke crimp, greenish grey anodized Markings: (white ink) 30MM PGU-15/B 13309-7400601-3 AJD82A344-014 (black ink) 7400730-1 ACN81J006-072
Primerpercussion, flat, brass, 4-stake crimp, red annulus
NotesThe meaning of the orange band is not conclusively known, but it may be an indicator for use in lot acceptance testing or QA/QC.