A military small & medium caliber ammunition collection

25 x 137mm KBA United States

25 x 137mm KBA TPDS-T M910 United States  profile view.25 x 137mm KBA TPDS-T M910 United States  head view.


TypeTPDS-T, M910
ProjectileSabot, plastic, steel penetrator, blue with black Ts Projectile Markings: (black ink) 25MM TPDS-T M910 AJD92????-??? (raised) 12
Casesteel, segmented crimp, olive drab painted, 1 smooth cannelure Markings: (black ink) CTG 25MM TPDS-T M910 AJD92D416-006 RNO90L002-037
Primerpercussion, flat, brass, 4-stake crimp, red annulus
NotesProjectile markings are badly faded and partially illegible.