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5.56 x 45mm Canada

5.56 x 45mm Improved Penetration  Canada ⊕ IVI 00 profile view.5.56 x 45mm Improved Penetration  Canada ⊕ IVI 00 head view.


TypeImproved Penetration
ProjectileFMJ, GM, steel core, grey tip
Casebrass, segmented crimp
Primerpercussion, flat, brass, ring crimp, purple annulus
Headstamp⊕ IVI 00
NotesThis is an enhanced/improved penetration, non-toxic cartridge manufactured by General Dynamics Canada. It has a monolithic hard steel penetrator rather than a lead core with steel tip as found in C77 or M855 ball cartridges. The primer is reported to be non-toxic, and penetration is reported to be 20% greater than C77 ball cartridges.