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20 x 102mm United States

20 x 102mm APDS MK 149 MOD 2 United States  profile view.20 x 102mm APDS MK 149 MOD 2 United States  head view.


TypeAPDS, MK 149 MOD 2
Projectileplastic, steel penetrator, orange, 1 plastic driving band
Casebrass, roll crimp Markings: (black ink) 20MM M103 ACN84K004-912
NotesThis is an inert display round with no powder or primer. Production MK 149 MOD 2 rounds feature a depleted uranium penetrator. The penetrator in this specimen attracts a magnet so it is not DU. It also does not register on a geiger counter. It may be steel or possibly tungsten. Note the unusual sabot design compared to later MK 149 MOD 2 cartridges.