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30 x 173mm GAU-8/A United States

30 x 173mm GAU-8/A API PGU-14/B Inert United States  profile view.30 x 173mm GAU-8/A API PGU-14/B Inert United States  head view.


TypeAPI, PGU-14/B Inert
Projectilealuminum, black, red windscreen, 2 nylon driving bands Projectile Markings: (white ink) INERT
Casealuminum, choke crimp, dark olive drab anodized Markings: (white ink) INERT 30MM PGU-14B/B (black ink) 7400730-1 CAN 91H007-002
Primerinert, flat, brass, 4-stake crimp, red annulus
NotesFactory-made inert cartridge. The projectile weighs 250 gm which is too heavy for a DU penetrator but too light for an empty projectile body. This weight is correct for a steel penetrator, and the projectile does weakly attract a strong magnet. The purpose for a steel penetrator is unknown.