A military small & medium caliber ammunition collection

20 x 102mm United States

20 x 102mm API T221E3 United States  profile view.20 x 102mm API T221E3 United States  head view.


TypeAPI, T221E3
Projectilesteel, aluminum windscreen, black, 1 copper driving band Projectile Markings: (white ink) 20MM API T221E3 INERT KOP-SA-56-57 Driving Band Markings: - ALI - LOT - 5 - 14 - 57-20MM T32E3-
Casebrass, choke crimp Markings: (stamped) INERT
Primerelectric, flat, brass, ring crimp, red annulus
NotesThis is a factory inert round with an inert case filler and one small hole drilled in the primer.