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Exhibit: FN BRG-15

The FN BRG-15 was a heavy machine gun designed by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium as a potential replacement for the .50 caliber Browning M2 heavy machine gun. Several 15mm cartridge variants were tried as the project evolved, with the 15.5x106mm round being the last in the series. The project was ultimately cancelled in the early 1990s.

[reset sort]CaliberTypeCase MaterialCountryHeadstamp
Head view of item 1387 Side view of item 1387 details 15 x 110mmDummybrassBelgium110 S FNB
Head view of item 221 Side view of item 221 details 15 x 115mmAPbrassBelgium
Head view of item 1031 Side view of item 1031 details 15.5 x 106mmAPDSbrassBelgium
Head view of item 1280 Side view of item 1280 details 15.5 x 106mmDummyaluminumBelgium
Head view of item 2098 Side view of item 2098 details 15.5 x 106mmNew Unprimed EmptybrassBelgium