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Cartridge Resources

Here are a few links to other sites dealing with cartridge collecting. It is by no means exhaustive; it simply represents the sites that I visit most often.

The International Ammunition Association
The IAA web site has a wealth of information about all aspects of cartridge collecting. They also publish a bi-monthly journal that is well worth the cost of joining.
The International Ammunition Association Forum
The IAA's forum merits its own entry. Experts from around the world answer questions about all aspects of collectible cartridges.
The European Cartridge Research Association
ECRA is another organization that any serious cartridge collector should consider joining. They publish a monthly journal in four different languages, and they also have an extremely informative forum for their members.
Tony Williams' Web Site
Mr. Williams' site has many detailed ammunition-related articles as well as a large photo gallery showing a wide variety of ammunition, both mainstream and experimental.
Big Ordnance
Big Ordnance is the place to go if you collect larger-caliber ammunition. has photos and data about a variety of large-caliber ammunition. You have to request an account from the site's owner to access the bulk of the content.
The Russian Ammunition Page
This is the place to go for information on Russian ammunition! It has tons of information on a many different calibers. has photos and information on a range of ammunition. It is a Spanish-language site; Google Language Tools is very helpful if your Spanish is rusty!